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X CEO Linda Yaccarino Says Other Platforms Could Use Fact-Checking Feature

Linda Yaccarino, X, Twitter

X CEO Linda Yaccarino said Friday (May 24) that the social media company could share its Community Notes feature with newspapers and other platforms.

The crowd-sourced fact-checking feature can “force out bias,” Yaccarino said at the VivaTech conference in Paris, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Yaccarino added that the feature now has more than 500,000 volunteers contributing to it on X, according to the report.

X, formerly known as Twitter, launched Community Notes on its platform in 2021, enabling users to fact-check posts, the report said.

The feature allows volunteers to add notes to potentially misleading posts, lets other volunteers vote on those notes, and then uses algorithms to determine which notes will appear next to the post and be seen by the public, per the report.

In another announcement, Yaccarino said in April that X is building and will soon launch an X TV App that will bring real-time content to smart TVs.

The app’s features will include a trending video algorithm that will deliver tailored popular content, artificial intelligence-powered curation of topics that organize videos by subject, and enhanced video search that will find content more quickly, Yaccarino said.

The X TV App will allow users to start watching content on a phone and then continue it on a TV, and it will provide simple casting that sends videos from mobile devices to smart TVs.

In March, Beyond said it partnered with X to promote its OverstockBed Bath & Beyond and Zulily brands on the social media platform.

The partnership will include the delivery of custom short- and long-form lifestyle entertainment content, the development of customer acquisition and retention strategies, and the opportunity to spotlight Beyond’s brands during key events and holidays. It will also include a future shopping integration.

In January, X announced its launch of passkeys as a login option for its U.S.-based iPhone users.

The company encouraged users to embrace the passkeys feature, emphasizing the benefits of a seamless login experience “across different devices without having to remember or reset a forgotten password.”

It also said the adoption of passkeys would provide a heightened level of security for users’ accounts.