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Today In Data: Buying Into The New Way Of Buying

Spending money just keeps getting easier. The fewer obstacles that stand between consumers and products, the more customers tend to spend. New innovations in mobile payments are enabling people worldwide to shop and transfer money with ever-increasing ease and security.

Whether it’s splitting the dinner bill, reimbursing a friend, shopping for a new outfit or buying supplies for a small business, the customer experience improves as it becomes more seamless, and the results are clear: people are buying into the new way of buying. Here are the numbers…


170 | Countries where customers can set up an OANDA account to transfer money in over 130 currencies.

87 Percent | Singaporean consumers who prefer electronic payments over cash, according to the 2016 Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes survey.

200,000,000 | Users of India’s digital wallet, payment and commerce company Paytm, which is launching its payments bank later this month.

7,000,000+ | Daily Paytm transactions in India, more than all combined debit and credit transactions across the country.

6,000,000+ | Brick-and-mortar retailers accepting the new Mastercard Masterpass worldwide.

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