Today In Data

Today In Data: The Many Right Contexts For Commerce

The era of contextual commerce is upon us  — though what exactly that means can vary. One brand’s successful foray into context can easily turn into another brand’s misstep with privacy. Customer needs are specific – and understanding demographic details counts for a lot when building the right experiences. And it’s not just about providing an inviting context, but also a secure one, where consumers can feel sure their ease of purchase or transaction can’t be imitated by a scammer. Plus, to tie it all in, it has to be mobile-ready, since phone is increasingly the right touchpoint to catch a consumer contextually.


84 percent: Share of customers who have participated in contextual commerce and have found the experience satisfactory.

75 percent: Share of digital ad spend to be driven by mobile this year.

60 percent: Share of millennial women who report being uncomfortable asking friends to repay debts.

40 percent: Share of millennial women who expect a man to pay for the first date.

36 percent: Share of collection agencies reporting reliance on IVR.