Today In Data: A Whole New Connected World

Today In Data: A Connected Retail World

In what feels like the blink of any eye, the Internet of Things has gone beyond smart speakers and a handful of wearables on the market to include, well, a bit of everything. From cars to toothbrushes and at all points in between, smart and connected devices are proliferating, and finding new tasks to take on, particularly (and perhaps surprisingly) in the B2B space. The challenge, of course, is keeping all of those new data ports safe and secure – particularly as digital history is being written in real time, and there might not be any real rules of thumb to follow.


100 billion: The number of IoT-connected devices anticipated by 2025.

1,200: The number of data breaches in 2017.

72 percent: The increase in global IoT cellular connections during the first half of 2018.

60 percent: Share of a user’s annual spending a fraudster will typically go through once they have control of a consumer account.

12: The number of Samsung S3 Wearables being piloted by HSBC in New York.