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Today In Data: Monetizing The Mailbox For Last-Mile Delivery

Monetizing the Mailbox for Last-Mile Delivery

The Treasury Department noted in a report last week that USPS could generate additional revenue by charging package delivery companies for access to the postal service’s mailboxes. At the same time, a sizable share of consumers are turning to their smartphones to order food from restaurants. In addition, The Children’s Place is moving away from its mall chain roots and toward omnicommerce, while credit unions are tapping into technology to help members communicate their feedback and needs.


5,653: The number of credit unions operating in September of this year.

988: The number of stores that The Children’s Place had at the end of the third quarter.

40 percent: The share of consumers who said they placed a food order using their smartphone within the last three months.

35 percent: The share of USPS operating revenue that comes from first-class mail.

$21.5 billion: The amount of revenue that USPS took in from package deliveries in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 2018.