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Picking Up The Pace Of Payments To Stay Competitive

Picking Up The Pace Of Payments

Consumers have been trained – by Venmo and other P2P payments providers in the U.S. and around the world – to expect to be able to send and receive funds easily and quickly. Hence their disappointment when the experience is neither quick nor easy. And, in fact, living up to consumers’ new expectations – whether it is around access to chat features or access to credit products – means businesses are facing a world in which they can change what they offer (and how fast they offer it) or risk being run off by those who do make the big changes.


$19 billion: The value of payments processed by Venmo in Q4 2018.

$17 billion: Value of the global youth sports industry.

76 percent: Share of the human adult population that has regular access to a chat app.

48 percent: Share of disbursements that still happen by paper check.

15: The number of years since Congress last enacted comprehensive reform of the consumer reporting system.