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 For FIs, Giving Corporates Credit (Cards) Where Credit’s Due

FIs Renew Focus On Corporate Credit Cards

In the ever-evolving push by FIs to serve corporate clients, bringing new credit products to market remains a key initiative. As detailed in the Corporate Credit Products edition of the Innovation Readiness Playbook, and also in a recent interview between i2c Executive Vice President of Global Sales Joe DeRosa and Karen Webster, bringing corporate cards into the digital age represents both challenge and opportunity.


74 percent: Share of FIs that offer corporate credit products.

60 percent: Share of FIs’ revenues that come from corporate credit.

80.2 percent: Portion of FIs focusing on a mix of new corporate credit products and features.

86.7 percent: Share of top-performing FIs that invest in corporate credit product innovation.

53.6 percent: Portion of FIs that observe market trends before unveiling new corporate credit products.