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Today In Data: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Today In Data: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Gambling isn’t new to payments and commerce players – every new idea is a gamble, in a sense – but creating instant payment schemes for literal gambling carries risks bigger than just losing some chips. And in a world where security risks are proliferating and revenue losses are growing, it is almost impossible to be too careful. But while care is a requirement, the march of progress is forward, and the number of devices capable of transacting, connecting, gaming and interacting is growing. It’s not about sitting out the risk at this point, but about protecting adequately against it.


$81 billion: Projected estimated value of the online gambling market by 2022.

$12 billion: Projected value of U.S. credit card losses due to fraud by 2018.

100 million: The number of devices worldwide with Alexa on them.

21: The number of states moving toward legalized sports betting.

5.4 percent: Share of eCommerce revenue lost to fraud.