Digital Consumer Onboarding

Securing The Bank’s Digital Front Door The PYMNTS “Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker®,” a partnership with Melissa, examines the latest KYC, digital onboarding and online verification news and trends. The Tracker also examines the role tools and technologies such as advanced analytics can play as onboarding needs grow more sophisticated.
Inside the April Tracker
  •  An interview with Patrick Sells, chief innovation officer for digital-first FI Quontic Bank, on how quick identification tools and fresh data sources are essential to fast onboarding experiences
  • A look at the latest news and trends in this space, such as how the Royal Bank of Canada is using biometrics for seamless identity verification
  •  A Deep Dive analyzing how outdated or irrelevant data can create lasting challenges in banks’ online onboarding processes and how FIs are looking to resolve these issues

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