Digital Consumer Onboarding

What Banks Can Learn From Amazon About Digital Onboarding The “Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker®,” a partnership with Melissa, examines the latest KYC, digital onboarding and online verification news and trends. The Tracker also examines the role tools and technologies such as advanced analytics can play as onboarding needs grow more sophisticated.
Inside the June Tracker
  • An interview with Stephen Welling, director of retail banking for Cadence Bank, as well as Thomas Sanderson, its senior vice president and digital channel manager, on how FIs must adapt their mobile onboarding strategies to entice mobile-first customers
  •  A look at the latest news and trends in this space, including how Ecobank Nigeria is using mobile-based onboarding to improve financial inclusion in Nigeria
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how FIs are utilizing selfie-based KYC to facilitate speedier and more secure remote onboarding during the COVID-19 pandemic

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