Digital Consumer Onboarding

Cargomatic Taps Geocoding To Avert Last-Mile Delivery Mistakes The January edition of the “Digital Customer Onboarding Tracker®,” a PYMNTS and Melissa collaboration, explores how the use of geocoding and address verification tools can help merchants collect the most accurate information from customers to ensure streamlined deliveries.
Inside the January Tracker
  • An interview with Sunil Sharma, chief product and technology officer at Los Angeles-based logistics company Cargomatic, on how geocoding can help connect shippers and carriers to track freight, optimize routes and power last-mile delivery
  • Recent digital onboarding headlines, including why 75% of businesses and consumers have problems with data onboarding and how banks that avoid asking for location data during onboarding could face increased fraud risks
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how geocoding can help businesses streamline last-mile delivery and accuracy to retain customers for the long haul

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