Digital Consumer Onboarding

Report: Address Verification APIs Fix eTailers' Last-Mile Problem The “Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker®,” a partnership with Melissa, examines the latest KYC, digital onboarding and online verification news and trends. The Tracker also examines the roles alternative data sources and related technologies, such as advanced analytical tools, can play in this space as onboarding needs grow more sophisticated.
Inside the August Tracker
  • An interview with Rodrigo Rodríguez, assortment and merchandising regional manager for Latin American eCommerce marketplace Linio, discussing why robust address verification is key to successfully onboarding customers during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A look at the latest news and trends in this space, including how Bank of Hawaii is tapping upgraded digital onboarding tools to expand the number of customers it can target in new geographies
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how inaccurate address or payment verification can create frustrations on the part of customers, leading to cart abandonment and loss of revenue for merchants

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