Digital Consumer Onboarding

Slice Uses APIs To Take A Bite Out Of Address Verification The “Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker®,” a partnership with Melissa, examines the latest KYC, digital onboarding and online verification news and trends. The Tracker also examines the roles alternative data sources and related technologies, such as advanced analytical tools, can play in this space as onboarding needs grow more sophisticated.
Inside the December Tracker
  • An interview with Preethy Vaidyanathan, chief product officer at pizzeria-focused technology services provider Slice, on how address verification APIs can keep onboarding and checkout processes smooth for consumers
  • The latest digital onboarding developments, including why 40% of consumers are likelier to trust sites with address verification and autofill options and how smartphone penetration in the U.S. and Europe holds promise for mobile-based biometric verification
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how banks and merchants can cut their cart abandonment losses by leveraging address verification and autofill features to offer smoother, more satisfying checkout experiences

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