Visa Teams With Ingenico To Showcase Contactless Payments

Visa is gearing up to roll out a lineup of payment experiences during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which it has been sponsoring for 20 years.

At the festival, which runs through Sept. 18, Visa will enable festival goers to experience a Connected Screen powered by Ingenico. Consumers can make contributions of $2 or $5 to the TIFF Pocket Fund by waving a Visa payWave-enabled credit card or device at the Connected Screen. The TIFF Pocket Fund is an organization focused on making sure every young person can access TIFF’s educational programming, regardless of financial ability.

“Throughout our long history as sponsor, we’ve continued to expand access for film goers with interactive experiences that heighten the excitement of the festival,” said Brenda Woods, head of marketing for Visa Canada, in a press release. “Our activation at Roy Thompson Hall showcases Visa’s leading-edge payment technology, transporting consumers to the future of commerce.”

Visa noted that, in Canada, 21 Visa payWave transactions take place every second. As the number of Internet of Things-enabled devices grows to 50 billion globally by 2020, payment-enabled devices in a slew of form factors will be in demand, Visa said.

“We’re excited to partner with Ingenico Group to debut the Connected Screen in Canada,” added Derek Colfer, head of technology and digital innovation for Visa Canada. “We’ve entered the next phase in the evolution of electronic commerce that includes many new players and innovative ways to shop, pay and get paid, while maintaining the payment security that consumers expect from Visa.”

In addition to the Connected Screen, Visa is offering festival goers what it is calling an “immersive virtual shopping experience.” Consumers who step into the Virtual Wardrobe Studio augmented reality space will find themselves in a film’s wardrobe department, where they can try on virtual costumes for a slew of different movies and genres. Visa is using the Virtual Wardrobe Studio as a way to showcase Visa Checkout, its online payment service.