Amazon’s Alexa Reads You Your Twitter Activity

Amazon’s voice platform, Alexa, is no one-trick pony. In fact, she just added new skills to her repertoire: She can now order you food or an Uber, and she can even find your lost phone. She can help you pay your mortgage on time, too, and offer special deals that only she has access to. Plus, soon, she’ll just know what you need before you even have to ask.

But her newest trick? She can read your Twitter activity to you.

Twitter just announced the launch of a new app for Amazon’s Alexa, where she will actually read your tweets aloud to you. The new app is already multiple device-friendly; she can read to you through the Echo speaker or any other Alexa-related device.

Want general information on what’s trending or who’s mentioned your handle? Alexa’s got this. Some may call this unnecessary, but others call this efficiency, because, sure, you’re totally capable of reading your own mentions … but why would you want to?

To get started, you’ll need to authenticate your Twitter account, then launch the app by calling aloud to her: “Alexa, open Twitter!”

From your timeline to your mentions to your retweets and likes, Alexa is all over your Twitter. That said, you’ll have to deliberately ask her for these things. Practice with such question phrases as “Alexa, ask Twitter if anyone has retweeted my tweets today?” or “Alexa, ask Twitter what’s trending in Austin, Texas, today?”

Thanks to the tens of thousands of developers Amazon has working on honing and developing Alexa’s skills, we’re sure she’ll be able to do even more quite soon. Any guesses on what comes next?


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