Apple Card Now Accepting Applications

Apple is going to launch its new credit card any day now, and ahead of the release the company has launched a new application website for people to apply for the card, according to reports

The site is live at, and the site has information about the card as well as an instructional video about the process. Users will be able to sign up through iPhone’s Wallet app as well as an iPad. 

Currently, only customers who’ve received an email invitation can apply for the card, but that will change soon.

The site says that “You can apply for Apple Card directly from the Wallet app on your iPhone if you have received an email invitation to the Apple Card Preview.” It also has a way for people to be notified when the Apple Card becomes available. 

It lists three requirements to check on before applying. One is that the applicant is a U.S. citizen who is at least 18 years old. Another is that the applicant is operating the latest version of iOS and the third is that the applicant has an iPhone that uses Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is compatible, the application site said, with iPhones that have Face ID, iPhones that have Touch ID (except for the 5s), and iPads that have either of those features. 

The preview photo on the site illustrates what the Apple Card offer interface will look like, with credit limit, APR and fee information displayed clearly. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a recent earnings call that the card was going to be released some time this month. The Apple Card is backed by Goldman Sachs and will be offered to a large number of iPhone users, which would include people with weak or limited credit.

As its iPhone sales slow in the midst of lowering demand from China as well as the ongoing trade war, the company has been increasingly looking to services to increase revenue. The Apple Card is an illustration of that.


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