Monday Meetup

Monday Meetup
The Best Of The Monday Conversation: Everything We Learned In 2019
December 23, 2019

Something remarkable happened about halfway through the 2010s or at least something that ought to have been. Except as it turned out, due to the nature of what it was, very few people remarked on it. Americans stopped talking to each other. Well, to be...

Monday Meetup
How Independent Grocers Can Win The Digital Grocery Game
December 16, 2019

Not all that many generations ago, grocery shopping was an all-day, logistics heavy affair that involved several visits to several specialty merchants all over town. Consumers who needed meat went to a butcher; fish were sold by the fishmonger and bread by the baker. The...

Monday Meetup
Why CEO Says It’s A $60B Tech Start-Up
December 09, 2019

Between 1983 and 1984, three retailers opened in the United States that would drastically alter the landscape by introducing a new business model to consumers.  The retailers were Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s and the mode was wholesale club for consumers. While the specifics vary...

Monday Meetup
PayPal On Facebook Pay And The Power Of Consumer Choice
November 18, 2019

With so many mobile wallets littering the landscape, it can be hard to keep up with everything that is already out there, let alone trying to keep track of all the newcomers. But some players are so large that their entrance into just about anything...

Monday Meetup
Olo’s Noah Glass: What Restaurants Don’t Know They Don’t Know About Delivery Aggregators
October 14, 2019

The trouble with existential threats is they very rarely show up and announce themselves. When Amazon launched in 1995, it looked to most as a one-trick eTailer that sold books online. A quarter-century later, that online bookstore has profoundly changed the retail landscape and every...

Meet The “Uber” For Temporary Workers
May 11, 2015

What would we do without Uber? Well, yes, there’s the whole bit about having to endure the frustration of hailing and paying for a taxi. But we really mean, how would we explain the plethora of new economy businesses that match supply of one kind...

Exclusive Series
Crowdfunding Comes To Restaurants
May 04, 2015

The way to consumers’ hearts is through their stomachs – likely because unlike almost any other good or service, food is a non-negotiable purchase for 100 percent of human beings. Individuals have different preferences for what they eat that can vary widely – from vegans...

Would You Hire A Professional To Hack Your Systems?
April 27, 2015

  Security breaches aimed at lifting sensitive data have become a depressing part of the new normal for payments and commerce players specifically – and much of the digital ecosystem in general. There are dozens and possibly hundreds of security solutions and billions spent by...

Innovation In Bill Payment
April 20, 2015

Twice in his recent discussion with MPD CEO Karen Webster, Peter Kwakernaak, the CEO of AcceptEmail, compared his company to Apple. Not that he was saying they were one and the same, mind you. Rather, Kwakernaak drew the comparison as an example of what he...