Predictive Analytics Series

Company Spotlight
Financial Institutions Get Down With Data
September 09, 2015

It’s hard to run any business without good customer data, and financial institutions are no exception. Todd Doherty, Senior Director of Global Products at TSYS, gives insight into new methods that are helping FIs succeed by having access to the data that sharpens their customer...

Company Spotlight
Making Sense of Data’s Deluge
July 15, 2015

Making sense of the ton of data out there is both an art and a science. Payments execs need the right analytics tools (science) to confidently interpret multiple data streams to pinpoint key consumer behaviors (art). MPD’s CEO Karen Webster sat down with Fred Grigsby...

Company Spotlight
The Cure For “Obese Data” In Payments
March 31, 2015

Big data isn’t always better data. In fact, TSYS’s Sr. Director of Analytics, Todd Doherty, says that focus on big data has just led to “obese data” as technology and tools make more of it available to business users. The cure for obese data, Doherty...

Company Spotlight
Actionable Insights: Issuers’ 2015 Resolution
December 30, 2014

Data is only as good as the insights that can been drawn from it. And those are only as good as the analytics dashboards that make those insights easy to access and then action. That’s, says Paul Bridgewater, TSYS’ Head of Global Product and Strategic...