Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing
CFPB Data on Medical Bill Complaints Underscores Need for Flexible Financing
November 20, 2023

Missed payments. Billings made in error. Bills in collection, resulting in only partial payments or none at all. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shared data last week that 15% of complaints made by consumers were about debt collection tied to allegedly unpaid medical bills, which...

Healthcare Financing
CFPB Wants to Wipe Medical Bills From Credit Reports
September 21, 2023

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has begun a rulemaking process aimed at removing medical bills from Americans’ credit reports. This move is intended to provide financial relief to families dealing with medical crises, prevent debt collectors from pressuring individuals into paying potentially inaccurate bills, and ensure...

Healthcare Financing
Truemed Launches Platform for Using HSAs and FSAs for Wellness
September 18, 2023

Truemed, a firm that aims to help individuals use their tax-free health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for healthy food, exercise and supplements, publicly launched Monday (Sept. 18). Merchants have already managed $3 billion of gross merchandise volume (GMV) through the platform,...

Healthcare Financing
CFPB Medical Debt Hearing Comes as Patients Tap Financing to Get the Care They Need 
July 10, 2023

Medical debt and payments plans are increasingly scrutinized by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the White House and regulators. But the data shows that consumers want those options when it comes time to ensure they get the care they need. To that end, the CFPB...

Healthcare Financing
CareCredit Expands Access to Healthcare Providers as Wellness Demand Surges
June 07, 2023

Masks and restrictions may be gone, but changes wrought by the pandemic are here to stay, and they’re continuing to evolve into other areas of healthcare — like wellness — and consumers need ways of paying for such services, which are usually not covered by...

Healthcare Financing
PatientFi Launches Membership Platform for Aesthetics Practices
April 24, 2023

PatientFi now enables aesthetics practices to offer patients annual treatment plans with monthly payments. With the firm’s new Privi membership platform, practices can build annual beauty memberships that include neurotoxin, filler, skincare, body treatments and other aesthetic treatment and allow patients to pay monthly, PatientFi...

Healthcare Financing
Credit Reporting Agencies Remove More Medical Collections Debt From Reports
April 11, 2023

Three credit reporting agencies have taken another step in removing medical collection tradelines from credit reports. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion have removed medical collections debt with an initial reported balance of under $500 from U.S. consumer credit reports, the three credit reporting agencies said Tuesday...

Healthcare Financing
Lenders Step In to Give Subprime Consumers Access to ‘Essential’ Elective Procedures
March 23, 2023

Elective dental procedures represent a $165 billion industry — on its way to $230 billion in the next few years.  And that’s in the U.S. alone. As we all get older and come out of the pandemic, we’re reexamining the cosmetic and other procedures that...

Healthcare Financing
Oscar Health Nearly Doubled Its Member Base in 2022
February 09, 2023

The digital healthcare arena continues transforming healthcare delivery while broadening access for patients. This, as health technology company and insurance platform Oscar Health told investors on Thursday’s (Feb. 9) fourth quarter 2022 earnings call that its membership numbers for the year rose to a record...