Intelligence of Things

Intelligence of Things
Tech Giants’ Solution to Device Interoperability Outruns Regulation 
February 28, 2022

The smart-home tech market is booming. In 2020, it was almost a 100-billion industry — and it’s expected that in 2028 it will increase its value by a factor of five. Two of the main frictions that prevent this market from developing faster are the...

Intelligence of Things
IoT Moves Beyond ‘Things’ To Create Harmonized Connected Home Experience
March 22, 2021

Consumers are getting more connected by the day. According to the latest edition of the PYMNTS/Visa How We will Pay survey, 32.6 percent of Americans own smart speakers, 52.7 percent own smart televisions and 30 percent own a connected car. And they’re using those connections...

Intelligence of Things
Tencent Plans Smart City The Size Of Midtown Manhattan
June 09, 2020

China’s Tencent is looking to build its own city, called Net City, including corporate offices, apartments and a school on a 21-million-square-foot development the size of midtown Manhattan, The Wall Street Journal reported. Jonathan Ward, design partner for project architect NBBJ, said the idea is...

Intelligence of Things
The IoT Powers Through Pandemic
May 28, 2020

The global pandemic stunted progress in many nascent companies and industries. Internet of Things (IoT) projects, for example, like the installation of a 5G mobile infrastructure that fully enables IoT functionality, might also have been deprioritized as world economies tanked. Instead, there’s a rapidly growing...

ABB On How Smart Cities Can Emerge Stronger Out Of The Pandemic
May 27, 2020

Experts think that far from a bad economy slowing down smart-city investments, the need to prepare for the next crisis will promote even faster infrastructure upgrades. In the latest Intelligence of Things Tracker, Michael Lotfy, senior vice president of smart-buildings solutions for global electrical-technology company...

Smart Cities Can Emerge Stronger From The Pandemic
May 26, 2020

There is scarcely an aspect of life that has not been thoroughly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has also dramatically exposed the degree to which consumers, employers and workers are relying on connected technology to carry on, whether through video conferencing, telemedicine or...

Intelligence of Things
AI-Powered Robots Help Retailers Build Cleanliness As ‘Brand Value’
May 12, 2020

The rise of the machines seems a bit closer at hand now that we are battling the pandemic. Not the humanoids that are the stuff of science fiction that ostensibly, one day, will do our bidding (and, depending on who you read, perhaps conspire against...

Intelligence of Things
Building The ‘Home Oasis’ One Smart Device At A Time
April 28, 2020

The house (or the apartment or the studio or your parents’ basement) is increasingly becoming a focal point of daily life. Time, then, to picture the house as a bit more like home. As PYMNTS found in one recent study, “Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic: The...

Intelligence of Things
Will The IoT Choose The Next World Superpower?
February 20, 2020

The Chinese and American governments are engaged in another proxy war. Nothing new there. But for all the saber rattling, this time it’s not about battleships and fighter planes. What we’ve got now is a tech war over super high-speed data networks, more specifically, whose...