Microsoft Warns Against New Advanced Tech Support Scam

Microsoft Malware Protection Center Blog is warning PC users about a new, convincing tech support scam that can cost users money in unnecessary repairs.

Tech support scam messages are designed to send PC owners into a panic, notifying them that their computer has been infected with a virus so that they will pay for the “technical support” that will help restore the computer back to its previous state.

In a new blog, Microsoft reveals it recently discovered a new tech support scam that is extremely convincing in the amount of detail used, with full screen function and dialogue boxes. It originates from a website that uses a malicious script belonging to the Techbrolo family of support scam malware, which is responsible for the dialogue loops and audio messages common in these scams.

This scam follows the same steps as previous ones, with the pop-up box that looks like it’s from Microsoft informing the user that the computer has been infected with a virus and they need to call customer support immediately. This scam, however, also comes with an audio message that explains data and system files are at risk, adding to the pressure to get the problem taken care of right away. Another new component is that it loads a separate webpage that spoofs the site This could lead users to think they’ve been brought to a legitimate Microsoft page.

There is a way to break the scam: When the offending site goes to full screen, you’ll get a notification from Microsoft Edge. Simply exit the full screen by clicking “Exit Now” to stop the attack. As for how to avoid it entirely, the Microsoft pros suggest being more diligent when browsing online and to only visit trusted sites. These scams are more prevalent on sites that host illegal copies of movies and software, crack applications, and malware.