Nokia Launches IoT Management Platform

Nokia Launches IoT Platform

The imminent explosion of the Internet of Things has two major components. First, the consumer-facing side of things will see homes, cars and office spaces become crowded with individual items connected to the wider web. Second, and more importantly, management platforms that make sure all this new data is flowing to the right place will tie the world of IoT together.

At least, that’s what Nokia is betting on with its latest project.

ZDNet is reporting that Nokia is launching an IoT management platform known as IMPACT, or the Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things. The horizontal service will handle a variety of machine-to-machine communications, including data collection, processing and contextualization, as well as looking after security parameters for individual devices.

It’s a project that aims to do everything the right (and thereby inexpensive) way, explained Frank Ploumen, IoT product strategy director at Nokia, even if it has to take the monumental problem of IoT management one step at a time.

“Ultimately, a lot of these use cases only start to make sense if you can get the security, scalability and cost right,” Ploumen told ZDNet. “That obviously demands these common infrastructure components are very, very efficient.”

With the number of connected IoT devices projected to grow by billions every year, management platforms that can make sense of the amount of data that will be thrown around are going to be immensely valuable in the future. Ploumen acknowledged the plurality of this future, stating that Nokia is keeping its platform as flexible as possible to ensure compatibility with new devices that are pre-programmed to work under a specific schema.