BillMo Now Top Free Finance App In Mexico In Google Play Store

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BillMo, a U.S.-based company providing a low-cost money transfer and mobile wallet application, is now the No. 1-ranked free financial app in Mexico in the Google Play Store, surpassing all applications by leading financial institutions in the country.

According to a press release, BillMo is also ranked 25th overall in Mexico in the free category in the Google Play Store, which is a rare accomplishment for a nongaming application.

“We have seen explosive growth with more than 100,000 new installs in only a few days,” said Steve LaBella, BillMo’s CEO. “The traction BillMo is getting is phenomenal, but it’s also something we anticipated and have been preparing for since launching in early 2016. The smartphone market opportunity in Latin America is dynamic, expansive and growing, and with our team’s commitment and perseverance, we have been able to tap into it quicker than even we anticipated. The BillMo concept is now more than proven – it’s solidified and growing.”

BillMo’s digital wallet, which is a service of CBW Bank, allows users to complete financial transactions such as cash withdrawals, bill payments and purchases in-app and in-store with their smartphone. It was released in 2016 and has a four+ rating in the Google App store.

The app is only available in Mexico, but there are plans to make it accessible throughout all Latin America. And the company is currently running a promotion for new customers, with those receiving their first BillMo app transfer of $USD10 or greater getting 100 bonus pesos.

BillMo is available in both Google Play and iTunes Stores.