LegalShield Introduces Enhanced Mobile App

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LegalShield on Friday (Aug. 6) rolled out a new mobile app experience that helps people more easily obtain legal advice for personal and business issues through the company’s network of experts.

LegalShield mobile app users can schedule consultations with network lawyers who are experts in estate planning, traffic and employment, among other topics, and be guided through the process, per an announcement on Friday (Aug. 6).

Some members get a discounted hourly rate of at least 25 percent off the average published rates for cases involving a pre-existing issue, DUI or bringing a lawsuit. Members can upload files, including images and videos, to support their legal consultation requests.

These latest enhancements are now combined with existing LegalShield features like the ability to upload traffic tickets, create wills, and 24/7 emergency access to provider lawyers for covered issues.

The LegalShield mobile app is now available via Google Play and the App Store.

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LegalShield is part of an ever-increasing field of legal consultation services that combines the law with technology.

“Robot lawyer” firm DoNotPay recently more than doubled its valuation to approximately $210 million after a round of investments.

DoNotPay, founded in 2015, offers automated letters to help secure free bank refunds, canceling subscriptions and suing telemarketers. CEO Joshua Browder said the company plans to use its new funding to expand its business offering to include small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

That comes after the company defeated a class action earlier this year, Bloomberg reported. Browder said the company has the power to make sure companies are complying with some regulations like displaying the appropriate disclaimers on their websites, along with protecting intellectual property via trademarks.

The company realized that “businesses are being shaken down all the time,” Browder told Bloomberg, and cited costly billable hours that can be harmful to SMBs or individuals as to why the company had been formed.