WEX Inc. Aims To Cut Fleet Fuel Costs With Next-Gen Fleet Analytics Platform

Global provider of corporate payment solutions WEX Inc. recently announced the launch of ClearView Advanced, a next-generation reboot of the company’s fleet analytics and benchmarking platform.

ClearView Advanced, in addition to analyzing fuel and vehicle data to generate cost- and time-saving insights, has expanded its capabilities to include fuel price optimization algorithms and driver messaging capabilities.

The ultimate goal of the solution is to enable fleet managers to encourage less wasteful fuel spending and to influence driver behaviors toward best practices.

The next-generation platform was tested with fleet managers in over 45,000 vehicles over a 12-month period, according to WEX Inc. During the test period, WEX sent targeted messages to drivers who were found to have made poor fueling decisions. Some 84 percent of drivers who received a targeted message changed their behavior within 24 hours.

WEX noted that this shift in behavior to better fueling practices has the potential to save fleets thousands of dollars for each driver.

ClearView Advanced enables fleet managers to identify and work to correct problematic driver behaviors, including purchasing expensive gasoline or making other poor purchasing decisions, violating company policy and committing theft. Managers can then track the behavior of messaged drivers to measure effectiveness and follow-up to ensure compliance.

“ClearView Essentials is a powerful tool, but it was only a first step,” said Kurt Thearling, vice president of Analytics at WEX. “ClearView Advanced turns insights into action. It allows fleets to prompt drivers to take action — such as stopping the use of premium fuel, refilling at a less expensive station or taking care when entering odometer reading. Our goal is to help fleet managers leverage data, resulting in cost-effective and efficient operations.”

This isn’t the only expansion WEX saw this month. Earlier in April, WEX announced that its virtual payment technologies were expanding across Asia, beginning with issuing its virtual cards in Singapore.


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