FUNDtech: Adding Value and Deepening Client Relationships

FundtechIn this exclusive NEXTcast interview, Karen Webster, President of Market Platform Dynamics sits down with Joe Mazzetti, EVP of Corporate Development and George Ravich,  EVP and CMO at Fundtech.

Fundtech was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of software products and services to banks of all sizes around the world. Originally focused on the mid-tier U.S. banks, Fundtech has grown to a global reach servicing thousands of financial institutions. With a focus on providing data to each transaction, Fundtech is positioned at the beginning of a trend that will continue to allow banks to improve their processes and add value to their customers.

To find out more on What’s Next with Fundtech, listen to this exclusive interview.



Executive Bio:

Joseph P. Mazzetti is Executive Vice President of Corporate Development. He joined Fundtech in 1994 and has been actively involved in business development of the company’s payments and Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) offerings. Prior to joining Fundtech, Mr. Mazzetti was executive vice president at PRT Corporation and executive vice president of the Financial Products Group at Logica Data Architects. He has more than 30 years of experience in payment systems technology for banking institutions and public sector financial agencies. Mr. Mazzetti has participated in numerous financial industry conferences and research projects.

George Ravich, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer joined Fundtech in 2002. He is responsible for Fundtech’s global marketing and leads a team of professionals located throughout the world. Prior to Fundtech, he was Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Financial Fusion. Over his 25 years marketing technology and consumer products, George was involved with the development of the internet through his work at AT&T and Prodigy. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and New York University Graduate School of Business.