Scandinavians Take The Lead In Mobile Commerce

 Mobile commerce in Scandinavian countries has grown 152% in the past year, a recent study by Zanox reveals. The great increase could be explained by these countries’ smartphone penetration, which is around 50% for the three countries.

The study revealed that the percentage of e-commerce sales conducted through mobile devices in Scandinavian countries amounted to almost 8% of all e-commerce sales. The study also pointed out that the growing popularity of tablets has contributed to this growth – with 52% of all mobile purchases in the first semester of 2012 being carried out through an iPad. When it comes to paying for purchases on their mobile, debit and credit cards continue to be popular in both Scandinavian countries, with Paypal not far behind – with the exception of Denmark – and other mobile payment solutions starting to make their mark in the mobile commerce landscape. 

With countries like Sweden abandoning cash , and such high smartphone penetration, it is only natural that Scandinavia becomes a hub for mobile payments and commerce in the near future

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