CSI CEO: Be Fast, Furious And Simple

Welcome to PYMNTS.com’s 2013 CEO Series: a quick and concise glimpse into the minds of the leaders of the payments industry and how they view innovation, change and growth. We’ll ask each top exec the same six questions about the payments industry to gauge who they view as innovation experts and why they feel their company stands out. What advice do these leaders have to offer to those looking to survive in a complex and dynamic industry? On PYMNTS.com, you can find out.

In our first installment, we spoke with Keith J. Stone, CEO of CSI Enterprise, to learn his thoughts on the payments industry. As the head of a company with an innovative approach to the B2B payments space, Stone’s insight into the security, payroll and corporate aspects of the payments sphere are of note. How does CSI’s globalVcard tie into industry changes, and why does Stone say it’s never too late for companies to innovate? Find out below.

PYMNTS.com: How would you define your company’s approach to innovation?

Stone: Continuous delivery and a tight feedback loop with our clients/users. We’re an agile company who focuses on the big picture while maintaining a tight-knit relationship with our clients and their immediate needs.

What is the most innovative thing that you have introduced into the market, and what value did it deliver to the stakeholder group that was its target?

The globalVCard mobile application for iOS, Android and Blackberry. It brings to the palm of the hand an unprecedented & flexible anti-fraud technology.

Where do you look for innovative ideas and why?

The market, our clients and our internal team, together they tell us what the problems of today, tomorrow and beyond are.

What do you think that most people underestimate about innovating in payments?

Market adoption. We’re dealing with legacy systems in most cases, retailers and merchants.

What person or company do you think “gets” innovation and why – and, conversely, who or what has missed it and why?

Square obviously gets it, Apple obviously gets it, but of course these are easy answers. I also think what CardSpring is trying to do is very innovative. In regards to who’s missed it, in tech the game is never over, there’s innovation happening every day, so I don’t think it’s ever really too late to innovate.

What advice would you give a young innovator in this space and why would you tell her to heed it?

Be fast, Be furious, Keep it simple and get to market quickly. Don’t over think things or build in a vacuum, get feedback from people who’ll use your app early on.

Keith James Stone
Founder, CEO CSI Enterprises, Inc
Founder, President & CEO globalVCard paysystems

Keith J. Stone currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of CSI Enterprises, Inc. with a twenty-four year history. Mr. Stone resigned his dual role as President and Managing Director of GE Capital Fleet Services Brazil/Latin American Operations in late 2000, residing in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

GE Capital Services in early 1997 purchased CSI’s South American operations CSI Fleet Services do Brasil/Latin America. LTDA . Then ten years prior to the South American acquisition he was, as is today, the President and CEO of CSI Enterprises, Inc., globalVCard paysystems Inc. and globalVCard Inc. Canada

Proven innovator, entrepreneur, strategist, pioneer, and inventor, Mr. Stone has founded and guided numerous U.S. and international companies to successful outcomes all with zero venture capital funding or outside investment. Mr. Stone’s zero debt strategy allows true independence without negative outside influence. This allows the companies to stay true to their core values, fostering true innovation without debt influences.

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