Gemalto Launches New Mobile Wallet, China UnionPay Collaboration

Dutch digital security company Gemalto launched its LinqUs mobile wallet, a suite of software solutions that enables NFC services, mobile banking, mobile payment and loyalty programs, all integrated in a single wallet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Its new wallet extends Gemalto’s software offers and is fully integrated with the broader portfolio of mobile financial services solutions. It enables financial service providers and retailers to rapidly deploy a breadth of services that can be customized to their specific needs.

Designed to optimize convenience for end users, consumers can link to existing accounts and cards, or set up new services easily. They can confidently conduct all their banking activities straight from their smartphone, along with transportation, ticketing and access applications. In addition, the wallet also incorporates loyalty and couponing programs for consumers and enables targeted mobile marketing campaigns.

“Interest in mobile financial services is accelerating due to the convenience and added user-engagement that they provide,” said Jean-Claude Deturche, Gemalto Senior Vice President, Mobile Financial Services. “By offering a rich suite of front-end mobile applications, through which end users can access the services delivered by our powerful servers, the Mobile Wallet sets new standards in terms of choice, flexibility and freedom to tailor solutions to individual requirements.” Read the full story here.

Gemalto also announced at Mobile World Congress that it is collaborating with China’s UnionPay to build a secure NFC ecosystem. UnionPay is China’s leading payment scheme and has the world’s largest network of payment cards.

The collaboration covers key deployment issues as well as technology standards and specifications. Details on that here.

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