Vendor Payments: The Unseen World Of B2B Commerce

Are you familiar with the world of vendor payments?

Odds are you’re not, but it remains a crucial part of B2B commerce for many businesses throughout the world. spoke with David Disque, senior vice president of operations, and Heather Stone, vice president of national sales at CSI Enterprise, to learn more about the industry, and the see how streamlining the payments process can result in massive savings for companies of all sizes.

“Over the last four years, we’ve spent a lot of time developing and specializing in technology specifically for integrating with electronic accounts payable to automate the back end payments,” Disque said. “We see significant transition from paper processes to electronic processes happening in the country right now, and we think it’s a huge opportunity to help companies automate.”

In fact, Disque said that around 70 percent of all payments were still made using paper checks just five years ago, but that the number diminishes “exponentially” each year. He cited an RPMG study noting that 56 percent of large market companies will use electronic payment solutions by 2014, and that around 35 percent already do so right now.

“We see it as a huge opportunity to assist companies, and there is certainly tremendous movement towards electronification in this country today,” Disque explained.

In order to help businesses along on this “electronification” process, CSI offers the globalVcard pay system: a unique platform that helps companies integrate electronic payments with their ERP or accounting software, helps facilitate workflow and addresses compliance needs, among other features.

According to Stone, the globalVcard system is especially effective when used for a little-known but hugely important area of the payments industry: vendor payments.

“One of the best parts about this kind of a solution is the immediacy of the funds that this program offers,” Stone said.  “Wen you deposit checks, you’re looking at two-and-a-half to three days to have your check held before it’s going to be processed. Now, we offer significant savings in both the cost of checks and the timeline of receiving your funds.

If you’re processing 500 checks per week, you’re looking at savings right off the bat,” she said.

To hear more on Disque and Stone on vendor payments and CSI’s globalVcard payment system, listen to the full podcast below.


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David Disque

SVP/Director Operations for CSI Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Disque has worked as Vice President of Operations for CSI Enterprises, Inc. since early 2001. His diverse skill set has lent to the development of key corporate payment offerings and client service initiatives for all of CSI’s business operations. In addition, Mr. Disque has been Instrumental in the development of the globalVCard paysystems for Accounts Payable which has become CSI’s growth engine in leading the company to new heights market penetration and transaction spend volumes. David’s vast experience has allowed him to deliver numerous presentations on corporate payments and electronic payables topics as well as being actively involved in the innovative programming and development of CSI’s electronic accounts payable and GlobalVCard Paysystems initiatives.


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