Apple Pay

Cybersource Enables ApplePay, Visa Checkout and PayPal

Visa’s subsidiaries CyberSource and Authorize.Net said on Monday (Nov. 3) that they’ll be supporting Apple Pay along with Visa Checkout and PayPal as part of a single connection for merchants to streamline online commerce.

“Until recently, online merchants had to prioritize, integrate, and manage multiple services in order to cover an array of new mobile devices and payment types used by their customers,” wrote Andre Machicao, SVP of Authorize.Net and CyberSource, in a post for the Visa Tech Matters blog. But with the new single-connection feature, “online merchants can accept the latest digital payment services including Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and PayPal via a single platform.”

The new integration supports tokenization through the Visa Token Service, and the CyberSource offering includes fraud models specially tuned for mobile transactions to help merchants mitigate the risk of mobile payment fraud.

The common platform also allows online merchants to search, view and report on all of their transactions through a single account, giving them a common view of customer transaction activity across all points of engagement.

CyberSource and Authorize.Net currently serve as payment providers to more than 450,000 online merchants worldwide.