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Oil and Gas Company Picks Procurement Software From Verian

Last week, a major oil and gas services company selected Verian as a partner to help improve its financial operations. The name of the oil and gas company was not disclosed in the Verian announcement, but the statement said the organization was located in Dallas, Texas.

Verian is expected to help the entity eliminate “surprise” invoices from showing up months after work has been done and help it forecast costs more effectively. Additionally, the oil and gas company said that it will use Verian’s suite of purchase-to-pay products to improve budget tracking versus actuals for pipeline construction projects.

“We’re very pleased this leading midstream services provider has placed their confidence in Verian,” Verian President and CEO Tehseen Ali Dahya said in a statement. “We’re ready to help them exceed their financial objectives by applying our considerable experience meeting the unique needs of oil and gas companies.”

According to Verian, automated packages are essential for oil and gas companies that want to streamline and manage the entire purchase-to-pay cycle. Specifically, the complicated issue of materials transfers can be simplified with Verian tools, the company said.

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