Point. Click. Save. Pay.

Point. Click. Save. Pay. That describes the experience that Blackhawk Network will enable its physical gift card users to have with their Google Wallets. Storing these plastic cards in a digital Google Wallet only requires that users snap a picture of their card.  (Users can also save cards to their Google Wallets the old fashioned way by entering the card numbers, too.)  E-gift cards can also be saved directly to Google Wallet. At checkout, users redeem their cards by showing their phone to the cashier.


Tomas Campos, Blackhawk’s GM of online, mobile and emerging products said, “With expanded capabilities, Google Wallet customers will have the ease of conveniently managing and redeeming gift cards directly from their mobile device.”


Consumers will also be able to monitor balances and will have access to “exclusive” promotions. Further, when consumers are in range of a store that corresponds to a gift card that they may have in their Google Wallets, a reminder will be pushed to the phone in an effort to drive the consumer into the nearby store.

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