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Royal Solutions Offers New Healthcare Payment Solution

In hopes to improve cash flow through faster payments, Royal Solutions Group LLC announced this week that it had launched Royal Payments, a solution for processing credit card payments from patients on the date of service, during scheduling and remotely after the exam.

Using payment estimation algorithms, the solution would help customers benefit from accurate estimation of copays, co-insurance amounts and deductibles.

“It works to increase cash flow, promote patient engagement and add large efficiencies to the front, middle and back office of our valued healthcare customers, “ said Chief Marketing Officer Rafal Pisarski at Royal Solutions Group, LLC. “ Payments are realized earlier, even prior to the date of service, with less follow up afterwards.”

The company is also offering the product in combination with Royal Kiosks, a dynamic patient kiosk platform that allows patients to pay their co-pay and deductible at home or at the point of care using a tablet kiosk.

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