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What Are Business’ Best Options For Invoicing Software?

Businesses must keep their finances in working order for several reasons. Companies want to ensure that their invoices are sent out and paid on time to keep cash-flow running smoothly. The right invoicing software management program can help organizations keep all financial aspects in working order, but how do companies know which program to choose?

According to a recent TechRadar article, online software programs are an essential tool and something that every business should look into.

“Nowadays, there’s no excuse for not keeping your finances up-to-date. Records don’t need to be meticulously written out by hand, but can be fed into a computer and presented as required,” wrote TechRadar’s Stu Roberts. “What’s more, today’s accounts and invoicing packages can do far more than what was reasonably possible with just a pen and paper. Computers, and now the web, have made managing your business finances easy.”

According to the news source, the top five invoicing software options that businesses should consider using are FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage One and Zoho.

Another popular program that PYMNTS.com has reported on before is Tungsten. Just last week, BT Group announced that it had extended its contract with electronic invoice company Tungsten. The move is expected to deliver electronic invoicing, purchase order services and invoice status service to its global operations.



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