Android Pay Purchases Supports Special Education

Tap. Pay. Give.

That’s how Android Pay and Google have promoted its latest way to not only push Android Pay further into the consumer market, but also as a mode to provide charitable donations.

That’s why the the company has teamed with to support children with special needs that are part of the U.S. education system. That’s roughly 6.4 million children.

Starting today through Dec. 31, Google will donate $1 (up to $1 million) of every purchase that’s made using Android Pay to special needs projects.  For Black Friday purchases (Nov. 27), those donations will be doubled.

“Evert gift is twice as nice. Support special education with every Android Pay purchase,” the company wrote in the Android Blog.

It ended its message with a reminder about why it’s important to give back to this specific cause: “Teachers spend nearly $500 out of their own pocket each year to outfit their classrooms with enriching projects and programs. Since each student learns differently, let’s support special needs classrooms across the country to make education more inclusive for every kid.”