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Taco Bell’s Site Overhaul Adds More Mobile Functionality


One won’t find Doritos Locos Tacos or Crunchwrap Supremes on a traditional Mexican restaurant’s menu, but Taco Bell’s menu items are not the only thing that sets them apart from the rest. Taco Bell’s success with mobile furthers the point that the fast-food chain is striving to be anything but traditional.

In a move that underscores Taco Bell’s reinvention as a leader in the world of mobile restauranteering, the fast-food chain announced Monday (Sept. 28) that it had overhauled its entire digital presence with the launch of a new site, coined Calling the site Taco Bell’s “new virtual flagship restaurant,” Brian Niccol, CEO at Taco Bell, explained how the new website that combines native ordering and payments options is another step forward for the chain.

“Innovation has always been a part of Taco Bell’s core, and is our latest promise to make the brand accessible whenever, wherever and however consumers want it,” Niccol said in a press release. “At Taco Bell, we’re rooted in delivering delicious, craveable and affordable Mexican-inspired food. We use technology, design and a heavy dose of creativity to deliver on that promise, all while making our brand more relevant to digital-savvy customers.”

In an interview with Bloomberg Business, Niccol also said that Taco Bell’s success with its mobile app served as a pilot program for the chain’s nationwide network of franchises. After seeing more than 3.7 million downloads and an average spend increase of 20 percent among orders placed through the app, Niccol admitted that it was time for his organization to recognize success and roll those practices out to all of its stores.

In addition to streamlined order and payments process on, Niccol also pointed out new search and nutrition calculator features available to both mobile and desktop users. Moreover, customers won’t be limited to selecting off of the familiar, uniform menu. Instead, users are able to customize their orders.

“Customers want ease of access and they want that ease of access on their terms,” Niccol told Entrepreneur magazine. “People love to be in control of both their order and how they customize their food experience.”

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