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UberEATS Revs Up At Uber

Uber is rolling out an upgrade to its app and it has nothing to do with its ride-hailing service. Instead, this update is focused on its food delivery side, UberEATS.

UberEATS, which is currently available in NYC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Austin, Chicago and Barcelona, is going through an overhaul that might seem minor to some, but has the potential to help scale Uber’s food delivery plans. From a user’s perspective, the change is subtle, but it’s big enough to remind consumers that Uber is about more than just delivering rides.

Now, UberEATS has its own button, with a dining icon, that is displayed next to the car icon that is typically clicked on to call for an UberPOOL, UberX, UberTAXI or UberBlack.

This update, which was reported by TechCrunch, might show that Uber is looking to feature its dining options more prominently to its loyal user base. In NYC in particular, that’s likely the case, as it is waiving the UberEATS delivery charge ($4) during the entire month of August to help promote the service.

As discussed a few months back, UberEATS is an extension of Uber’s plans to scale its mass delivery plans. This includes other initiatives like UberRUSH, which is Uber’s delivery model in NYC that is part of the company’s merchant delivery program. All of this, including its tests with UberFRESH (delivering produce) and UberEATS shows that Uber isn’t content with just delivering people from point A to point B, but rather it aims to also deliver goods to people.

Uber hasn’t officially released a statement about the app upgrade or announced where the next cities to get UberEATS will be. But for now, it’s clear that Uber still wants to be in the mass delivery business.

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