Who Will Secure The Internet Of Things?

There will be more than 6.4 billion connected or Internet of Things devices in the next year. These "smart" devices will be capable of ingesting data about its environment, transmitting that data to other devices and even responding to the call with action, if accurately programmed to do so.

The PYMNTS Digital Identity TrackerTM, powered by Oberthur, takes a deep dive into this new-normal infrastructure and gets an early head start into questions of security and device identity. In this edition of the tracker, we move beyond the essential promises of connected devices and analyze the digital identity of the individual in environments that increasingly include mobile devices where every interaction has the potential to enable commerce.

The clue: Think beyond tokens, HCE and encryption.

Where Is Cash? It’s Not Where You Left It ...

While most in the industry are trying to make payments invisible, early pioneers like German ATM manufacturer Wincor Nixdorf are taking the latest technology to cash. In this edition, we discuss how cash isn’t archaic but in the process of adaptation of being seamless and secure.

Tracker Updates

This issue also includes the profiles of 83 industry players, with 5 new profiles — Arcanum Technology, Bluefin Payment Systems, Early Warning, EyeVerify and Transaction Network Services — and three updated companies: AU10TIX, Feedzai and Gemalto, with updates covering company solutions and country coverage.

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About: Accelerating The Real-Time Payments Demand Curve:What Banks Need To Know About What Consumers Want And Need, PYMNTS  examines consumers’ understanding of real-time payments and the methods they use for different types of payments. The report explores consumers’ interest in real-time payments and their willingness to switch to financial institutions that offer such capabilities.