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Where Certify’s T&E Tech Focus Lands


The mobile device has revolutionized corporate travel and expense management as innovators develop solutions for the executive on-to-go. T&E player Certify is eyeing the next wave of innovation, and the company’s Chief Executive Bob Neveu recently outlined where the company’s focus lands when it comes to T&E technology.

In a report for Tnooz published Monday (Nov. 30), Neveu pointed to six aspects of the mobile technology sector that will continue to mold the T&E sector.

First and foremost, the executive said, is the smartphone. While wearable technology has garnered attention, and while technology companies have focused their tablet development on the enterprise, the smartphone will remain the focal point of corporate expense management tools, Neveu argued. This can be attributed to larger smartphone screens and greater processing power.

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The smartphone has also led to mobile wallets, another innovation Neveu pointed to as one that has major implications for business travelers. The executive suggested that while the commercial card remains king for business spending, mobile payments “will likely become the preferred choice of business travelers and company accountants” for its eventual security, convenience and spending transparency, three factors the commercial card offers today.

Cloud-based expense management was also shortlisted, especially the development of T&E tools that provide end-to-end services for corporate travelers. Mobile app-based travel booking is also on the horizon for corporate travel, Neveu noted, as is personalization of all of these solutions.

“These services will help business travelers with everything from planning and booking travel to getting through the day-to-day logistics when they’re on the road,” he wrote.

All-in-all, Neveu wrote, the modern corporation must take advantage of these mobile solutions to get ahead of the game, increase productivity and enhance the experience of the traveling employee.


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