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SME Inventory Software Sees Small-Screen Debut


Acctivate is readying to debut its small business inventory management software, but the company won’t be doing so quietly. In an announcement on Friday (April 1), the firm said it will present Acctivate Inventory Management Software on national television.

The company said its SaaS tool will be featured in a segment led by former “Shark Tank” shark Kevin Harrington.

The software provides capabilities to manage inventory levels, while SMEs do their purchasing, order fulfillment and other processes, and integrates into existing accounting software platforms, including QuickBooks, the firm said, as well as shipping and eCommerce platforms. Acctivate said it aims to reduce manual processes, like spreadsheets, as part of small business operations.

“Technology is the big equalizer,” said Acctivate CEO Brian Sweat in his interview for the television segment. “Acctivate allows small business owners to take what they traditionally use Excel spreadsheets for — managing their products, their orders, their vendor relations, their customer relations — and move it into an automated system that lets them keep track of every order and make sure that everything is fulfilled on time.”

The executive added that the knock-on impacts of proper inventory and sales management are key for customer satisfaction.

Acctivate’s announcement did not clarify why it will be debuting its product on television or whether there is a connection to “Shark Tank.”

Inventory management has been the subject of moderate innovation in recent years. One player, Peoplevox, said that the expansion of omnichannel commerce means businesses are more challenged than ever to manage inventory levels. The technology to manage inventory, the company said in an interview with PYMNTS last year, is the “beast behind the scenes” for many SMEs.



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