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Uber For Business Loops Into Top T&E Players

Uber is speeding down the corporate travel highway. The mobile ride-hailing company has recently rolled out business-specific features, like allowing users to toggle between their personal and professional Uber accounts to separate spend and streamline their expense reporting process at the end of a business trip.

The latest research found that, in the U.S., business travelers using Certify’s travel and expense management solution are now more often using Uber than they are traditional taxis.

Now, Uber is letting companies like Certify capitalize on this momentum in the corporate travel world.

On Thursday (March 3), Certify, along with fellow T&E firms Expensify and Chrome River, revealed that they are all collaborating with Uber to automate the capture of data from Uber rides taken while on a business trip and to input that data into these expense management platforms to streamline the expense report creation process even further.

Travelers using an Uber Business Profile can select participating T&E companies within the app, and Uber will automate the flow of data from itself to that T&E service.

“With nearly 1 million people activating Business Profiles, business travel has become one of Uber’s fastest-growing segments,” said Uber for Business Lead Max Crowley in a statement. “Providing the ability for our riders to automatically submit their receipts for expense reimbursement is a logical step forward in making trips more seamless."

“Thanks to our partnerships with top expense management companies, we can ensure that business travelers never have to pay out of pocket for business trips on Uber again,” he added.

Here’s what these software businesses had to say about their new collaboration with Uber:

"Chrome River has always been about making expense reports as easy and stress-free as possible, and this new integration with Uber removes all friction from the business rider's experience," said Chrome River CEO Alan Rich.

“As someone who is always on the road for work, the new Auto-Expense feature makes tracking my Uber rides so much easier,” said Expensify Founder and CEO David Barrett.

“Uber has won the hearts and wallets of consumers and businesspeople alike, due to its real-time, customer-centric and competitively priced service. On the same note, Certify is the simplest and most accurate tool for expense report automation. Companies love our mobile app because it takes all of the stress and time out of creating, approving, reconciling and submitting expenses for reimbursement,” said Certify CEO Robert Neveu.



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