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WaveCrest Deepens Corporate Payment Roots In US, EU

Corporate payments player WaveCrest Group will be expanding its operations across the U.S. and Europe, according to a company announcement on Monday (Feb. 29).

The expansions come in the form of two new hires.

The first is Robert Pincus, the company’s new chief operating officer, who will head WaveCrest’s global operations. He will be based in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Nitin Agarwal will now serve as WaveCrest’s vice president of business development and marketing in Europe and Asia as it looks to broaden its client base in these markets, the firm said.

Agarwal will head the company’s My Choice Corporate program, which links corporate users to a prepaid card solution that supports multiple currencies for commission and travel payments.

“Robert and Nitin’s broad payments expertise has been instrumental to WaveCrest’s significant growth,” stated the firm’s CEO, Brent Almeida, in a statement. “Their contribution to our business will increase in their new roles as we continue to expand, and their strong payments industry experience will continue to propel WaveCrest forward as a leader and innovator in the global payments industry.”

WaveCrest provides prepaid card solutions for corporations to ease friction in employee and B2B payments. The company also operates in the industries of taxpayer, student and lottery payments.

Earlier this year, WaveCrest launched a solution designed specifically for the taxi industry. The firm rolled out new capabilities for its MyFare Card, a tool that eases the transfer of money between taxi driver and fleet owner.



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