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Software AG And OSlsoft Partner On Digital Transformation

Recently, enterprise software company Software AG announced a partnership with application software company OSIsoft. The goal of the partnership is to enable digital transformation, boost enterprise predictive analytics capability, grow insights and optimize operations for businesses leveraging the technologies.

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform is an integrated set of technologies that enterprises can leverage to manage digital transformation, enabling a more data-driven, customer-centric, connected and agile operation. It boasts advanced analytics capabilities able to connect to a variety of structured and unstructured data sources.

The OSIsoft PI System is able to capture data from disparate sensors, IoT gateways, manufacturing equipment and other devices, structuring it for use in business analytics and optimization.

With the combination of the two companies’ capabilities, enterprises leveraging the systems will reportedly be able to gain insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets and IoT. Together, the two will combine their enterprise-grade IT, operations data and tools with Software AG’s Digital Business platform to enable businesses to access enhanced analytics, machine learning, integration and rapid IoT solution development.

Companies can leverage the results of the partnership to understand past data trends and connect it with real-time streaming data to create insight into efficiency, performance, downtime and running costs.

“This Software AG and OSIsoft partnership will help enterprises make digital transformation possible by turning data from operations into actionable information and empowering users to perform their own analyses, thus enhancing their decision making and capturing previously hidden insights,” said Dr. Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer atSoftware AG. “This means more time can be spent on exploring new insights and possibilities, instead of spending too much time on data extraction, validation and processing.”



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