Orders in Seconds Launches B2B App for Distributors and Manufacturers

wholesale ordering

Orders in Seconds (OIS) has launched a B2B app for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

The new OIS eCommerce app enables the customers of these firms to place orders by opening the app, selecting products and submitting orders, OIS said in a Friday (Jan. 6) press release.

“Now you can say goodbye to the manual work and thousands of tasks normally associated with your wholesale orders in just three easy steps,” OIS founder and President Oscar Guerrero said in the release. “This will ensure a stress-free ordering process for your customers, helping to build trust and relationships in such a competitive market.”

PYMNTS research has found that B2B payments and purchases have lagged behind the consumer market in automation and speed.

As buyers have come to expect the sort of shopping experiences they get with Amazon and DoorDash in the consumer market, financial institutions and their commercial clients are working to deliver the same in the B2B space, according to the “B2B Digital Payments Tracker®,” a PYMNTS and American Express collaboration.

As PYMNTS reported in June, modernizing payments is critical for financial institutions and corporations. Upgrading simplifies B2B payments, cash management and invoice reconciliation. It also provides access to supplier portals and real-time revenue reporting.

Done right, there are ripples up and down the supply chain, eliminating common pain points such as paper checks, paper invoices and faxed documents from a space in which roughly half of B2B payments are still made with paper checks.

With the new OIS eCommerce app, customers can view a digital product catalog and place orders whether they are online or offline. They can also scan a barcode to add a product to an order, according to the press release.

For vendors, the app provides the ability to add custom pricing, discounts and trade promotions for each customer, upsell and cross-sell, see customers’ buying history and track the products and specials that attract the most business, the release said.

OIS also provides live phone support for both the suppliers and their customers, per the release.

“With our brand-new OIS solution, businesses will be able to easily process orders, without the headache,” Guerrero said in the release.

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