ProPricer Launches Cash Flow Management Tool for Government Contractors

cash flow management

ProPricer has added a cash flow management tool to its cost proposal solution for government contractors and federal agencies. 

By seamlessly integrating with the ProPricer Contractor Edition platform, the new Cash Flow Pro tool empowers contractors to gain comprehensive cash flow insights, streamline reporting processes and enhance compliance measures, the company said in a Thursday (Aug. 24) press release.

“When you’re competing for government contracts, agencies will want to know all about your team’s capabilities, but they’ll also scrutinize your firm’s finances,” ProPricer said in a Thursday blog post. “Agencies are always especially curious about how much cash flow your firm has, what form it’s in, and where it’s all coming from.”

Cash Flow Pro is designed to help contractors meet this demand for financial information, the company said in the post.

One of the key features that sets Cash Flow Pro apart is its holistic cash flow analysis, according to the press release. The tool accurately evaluates cash flow implications by considering various elements such as milestones, billing methods, payment delays, withholdings and depreciation.

Cash Flow Pro also offers easy reporting capabilities, the release said. It automates cash flow report generation and graph creation, eliminating the need for manual calculations and data entry.

Furthermore, Cash Flow Pro provides tailored reporting options, allowing contractors to customize reports to meet specific requirements, per the release. This ensures that pertinent information reaches the right stakeholders effectively.

The tool also enables contractors to input precise financial parameters, resulting in meticulous analysis, according to the press release.

Cash Flow Pro prioritizes compliance and transparency by ensuring adherence to financial regulations through systematic and auditable cash flow reporting, the release said.

Additionally, Cash Flow Pro enhances decision making for contractors by equipping them with tools to evaluate the financial feasibility of proposals, understand the ramifications of billing methods and milestones, and identify cash flow bottlenecks, per the release.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) of government contractors face different challenges than their peers at companies with a private sector customer base, but share many issues with those colleagues, Intelligent Waves CFO Amy Wood told PYMNTS in an interview posted in September.

“We don’t worry about getting paid, but we must worry about our margins being a little less than a commercial entity might see,” Wood said at the time. “So, there are trade-offs like anything else.”