Intertrust, Google Partner For IP Litigation Program

Startup companies are formed every day, and with that there comes concerns over intellectual property.

To help protect startups, Intertrust Technologies Corporation unveiled its program with the goal of defending litigation risks. Joining Intertrust in this endeavor as a patent contributor is Google. The new program dubbed PatentShield offers up various patents through a Intertrust-curated list. Any company looking to work with Intertrust’s program can assume ownership without the fear of being sued.

Intertrust’s chief executive officer, Talal Shamoon, commented on this new offering and shared the value it adds for startups. He said, “We designed PatentShield to protect innovators. We have direct experience with our venture portfolio companies being threatened in the past and conceived of his program in response. With PatentShield, startups can have additional peace of mind to grow while minimizing the threat from an undefended flank.”

As startups continue to grow, the need for protective patents for their intellectual property also increases, and a program like Intertrust and Google’s PatentShield is likely to provide a solid future-proofing foundation.