Today in Data: Uber in Danger Zone?

2017 has not been the best of the best for ride-hailing company Uber.

From its CEO stepping down to employees filing and winning lawsuits, Uber has seen its fair share of ups and downs. While the company is working hard to reposition itself, some investors may be looking to sell its shares while its competitors rev up their funding engines.

Here are the numbers:

$69 billion | Current valuation of Uber where its venture capitalists and board are urging stock sales

$8.2 million | Amount of funding raised by Uber’s acqui-hired company Swipe Labs to build out its driver app

$2 billion | Singapore-based ride hailing company Grab Taxi Holding’s latest round of funding

$5 billion | Grab Taxi Holding’s valuation post funding

$750 million | Last round of funding by Grab Taxi Holding in 2016