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Walmart Pay Now Offers Faster Access To Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart Pay has been out in wide release for a little over a year — and in that time, it has made some pretty notable strides.  According the PYMNTS/Infoscout data, in a little under eight months, Walmart Pay ranked as the third most frequently used mobile wallet in the U.S. — handily edging out much longer term participants in the mobile wallet wars like Android Pay.

The same data noted that among consumers who had used Walmart Pay, the majority find it easier to use, faster at checkout and more convenient overall than swiping a card.

And Walmart is hoping to up that convenience with new features for Walmart Pay that will “help our customers move faster and save precious time.” The latest of such enhancements has been announced as of today on Walmart’s blog — going forward, customers who apply for and receive a Walmart credit card will gain instant access to that card, via Walmart Pay.

With this functionality, from the moment they are approved, customers can use their new Walmart Credit Card at all Walmart store locations and on before their physical card even arrives in the mail. The ability to immediately shop with seamless, secure access – whenever, however and wherever a customer wants – is now a reality,” Daniel Eckert, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Services in the U.S., wrote.

Eckert also noted that the move to make cards more easily — and quickly — available to their customers is a bigger part of Walmart’s overall mission to create a “seamless shopping experience for customers in a way no other retailer can.”

“It’s yet another way we’re meeting customers where they are – on their mobile devices – and helping to make their lives easier and more convenient.”


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