Narvar Acquires Lumi to ‘Revolutionize Packaging’

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Customer experience firm Narvar says it has acquired packaging firm Lumi in an effort to “revolutionize packaging as the new storefront.”

The company announced the acquisition Wednesday (Dec. 15), saying their combined efforts would allow “retailers to enhance their post-purchase brand experience with a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.”

The two firms say working together will help brands make smarter decisions about packaging and increase supply chain cost efficiencies and transparency.

Narvar works with more than 1,100 brands — including Levi’s, GAP and Lululemon — to improve their customer experience, whether that means tracking deliveries or automating returns. Lumi helps more than 700 direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, including Parachute Home, Nutrafol, and Misfits Market, make smarter packaging decisions.

“From inception, Narvar has empowered brands to deliver world-class customer experiences with our expertise in digital commerce and supply chain management,” Amit Sharma, founder and CEO of Narvar, said in the announcement.

“With Lumi, we elevate our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to the complex nature of D2C packaging,” Sharma added. “We’ll now be able to help digital retailers personalize the very first physical interaction with customers all in one scalable platform.”

The companies say the acquisition arrives in an era of record growth in eCommerce — holiday sales are anticipated to surpass $207 billion — and concern about more efficient and sustainable supply chains.

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Narvar has enjoyed growth of its own over the last year, adding notable customers that include Container Store, StitchFix, and Sony Playstation. In 2020, the company launched a partnership with the real estate investment trust Simon — which owns numerous malls — to facilitate easier customer returns.

“Despite our deep roots in eCommerce, we’ve always believed in the persistent power of physical retail,” Sharma said at the time.

The company notes that packaging has given retails a significant opportunity to show off their brand, improve efficiency and cut back on waste, saying that “70% of D2C expenses — fulfillment, shipping, and returns — are influenced by packaging.”